Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Potato With Apple

We are told to eat a "rainbow" of fruits and veggies each day so I try to incorporate several colors into our meals  every week.  We enjoy sweet potatoes and this recipe is one of our favorites using this orange veggie.

Sweet Potato With Apple

1 large sweet potato
1 Granny Smith or Macintosh apple
brown sugar

Peel sweet potato and slice into 3/4 inch slices.  Lay in single layer in 2 quart casserole.  Add enough water just to cover sweet potatoes.  Microwave 6-7 minutes on high.  Drain. Salt lightly.  Peel and slice apple and layer over sweet potato.  Sprinkle with 2T. brown sugar or to taste and sprinkle top with cinnamon.  Spray with butter flavored cooking spray.  Cover and bake 15- 20 minutes at 350-400 degrees. Makes about 2 servings.

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