Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Simple Kale & Mashed Potatoes - 147686 - Recipezaar

We have a really great friend, Wally, who had the blessing of going to Alaska on a fishing trip twice in the last few years and when he goes he brings home lots of salmon and halibut. We are the lucky recipients of some of his catch. I am always looking for new ways with salmon and came upon a new version that I am trying tonight. I will share that with you tomorrow if it is worth sharing after giving it a test run by the family tonight. However, as I was deciding what to make to accompany this new recipe I remembered a great recipe that I have made a couple of times this past summer with the abundance of kale from my garden. I have frozen some of the bounty and thought to use it in this again tonight. My family will grumble when I serve kale unless they find they enjoy the concoction I put together. This is a version that they like pretty well. I add about 1/3c.  freshly grated Parmesan and some garlic powder or garlic salt to this as well.   I love the crunch of the kale along with the smoothness of the potatoes. It also looks pretty mixed together like this. I think next time that instead of  Parm. and garlic salt, I will try adding a couple T. of ranch dressing mix.

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